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A Class
Fiat Panda and VW Up
B Class
Renault Clio and Dacia Sandero
C Class
Skoda Fabia and Opel Corsa
D Class
Fiat 500l
E Class
Skoda Rapid
F Class
Skoda Octavia
G Class
Skoda Kamiq
H Class
Skoda Karoq
Premium Class
Skoda Superb

Why choose us

If you decided to rent a car and chose rent a car as the most convenient option for transportation in Niš - choose Putnik Niš rent a car. With the desire to meet all the needs of our clients, we provide brand new vehicles 24 hours a day that guarantee a safe and comfortable journey.

Our team consists of people with many years of experience that you can rely on if you need advice on choosing a vehicle or any information related to car rental in Niš.

Are you coming to Niš for business or tourism and want maximum comfort and enjoyment when visiting the planned destinations? You landed at Niš airport and you want to avoid public transport and taxi drivers? Rent a car Nis is a great option if you want to get to your desired location on time and stress-free!

Rely on the professional and superior services offered by Putnik Niš 24h - rent a car. Rent a car in the city or opt for the Niš airport rent a car service, where the selected and reserved vehicle is waiting for you as soon as you land, so you can pick it up immediately. Start your stay in the largest city in the south of Serbia by renting a car that is new, fully equipped, safe and comfortable.

Why should you trust Putnik Niš agency?

If you decided to rent a car and chose rent a car as the most convenient option for transportation in Niš - choose Putnik Niš rent a car. With the desire to meet all the needs of our clients, we provide brand new vehicles 24 hours a day that guarantee a safe and comfortable journey.

Our team consists of people with many years of experience that you can rely on if you need advice on choosing a vehicle or any information related to car rental in Niš. Our maxim is professionalism, and the main goal is to provide each client with a unique experience at a favorable rental price. That's why we constantly listen to the needs and demands of all our clients, always looking for the best solution that fits their budget and affinities.

Not sure where to stay or which sights to visit in Niš? With Putnik Niš rent a car agency, you don't have to worry about accommodation and tourist attractions! Along with renting a car that is reliable, safe and comprehensively insured, we also offer help with finding accommodation, and we can also direct you to the most beautiful places in the city. Our customer service, in which you can also count on technical support and roadside assistance, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What car rental services and benefits do we offer?

What does renting a car at Putnik Niš - rent a car agency mean? The list of our services and benefits that we offer to our loyal clientele, as well as to new users, is long, and some of the most important items are:

Car rental without limited mileage. Do you want to visit Nis and its surroundings, to make a trip to Sofia, Skopje or any other city in this part of Europe? No problem, because we offer you the possibility to drive our car outside the borders of Serbia with prior approval. Rental and unlimited use of the new vehicle is included in the price. You can reserve the car of your choice and drive it as often as you like without any fear of any subsequent or hidden charges.

Renting a car at the Putnik Niš rent a car agency includes full comprehensive insurance. You don't have to worry about property damage, traffic accidents, floods, fires, or even vehicle theft. With a comprehensive insurance policy, you are fully protected in this and all similar situations.

Rent a car luxury vehicles - If you want a magnificent arrival for a wedding, birthday or coming of age, rent a limousine from our fleet. Provide maximum comfort, luxury and elegance for your special day.

Car rental with driver - Although they mainly refer to the rental of luxury cars, in our agency you can count on chauffeur services for any car. Don't have a driver's license or just don't want to bother driving around town? It's no problem, because our professional drivers are always at your disposal!

24/7 Customer Service

- Have a problem on the road, doubts about rental dates, insurance or any other problem? Just call customer service - our friendly and professional staff is available to all customers every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Start driving from where you want

. You choose the place and time! We deliver the vehicle you have chosen to the agreed address at the agreed time - whether a city location suits you or you want the car to wait for you at Konstantin Veliki airport as soon as you land in Nis. Also, you don't have to worry about where you will "finish the ride". At the end of the rental agreement, you can leave the car at the "Konstantin Veliki" airport or wherever you like - by prior arrangement.

We also offer the possibility of individual transfers to the airports in Belgrade, Skopje and Sofia..

Renting (and picking up) a car at Niš airport "Konstantin Veliki"

One of the specific benefits that the agency Putnik Niš - rent a car offers to its clients is the possibility to start your drive from the airport in Niš.

"Konstantin Veliki" airport is located in the Medoševac settlement, on the territory of the Crveni Krst city municipality, and is about 4 kilometers from the center of Niš. It has a tradition of almost four decades, and it really flourished in 2016 after signing a contract with two renowned low-cost airlines - Wizzair and Ryanair.

Due to its favorable location and more than favorable prices for plane tickets, Niš airport aims to become a regional center of air traffic. In recent years, intensive work has been done on the reconstruction of the old terminal building and the construction of a new terminal and control tower. The existing terminal building has a capacity of 100,000 passengers, and every year that number is exceeded - the record was set in 2019, when more than 422,000 passengers passed through the airport in Nis!

As a point of connection with numerous European cities, including Milan, Paris, Malmö, Zurich, Dortmund, etc., the airport of Niš achieves records for passenger traffic and is an excellent alternative to the airports in Belgrade, Pristina, Sofia and Skopje.

Rent a car Nis airport - considering the importance and potential of Nis airport, Putnik Nis provides car rental services as soon as you land in Nis. Our agent will meet you at the airport, help you with your luggage and guide you to everything you need to navigate the city.

Take a look at our fleet

If you are interested in renting a car in Nis , take a look at our fleet. We have a rich and diverse range of rental cars, so you can certainly find a car that suits your needs and your budget. Regardless of whether you are looking for a smaller vehicle for city driving or you need a higher-class model with maximum comfort and rich equipment - you will surely find the ideal solution in our fleet.

Do you want a safe, comfortable and fun ride? All vehicles from our car fleet are new and fully insured, and before and after each rental, they go through a detailed technical and safety inspection. It's up to you to choose: diesel or gasoline, vehicle with manual or automatic transmission, with 3 or 5 doors... We offer models of lower economic, medium, but also high, luxury class cars.

  • A Class - Fiat Panda
  • A Class - VW Up
  • B Class - Renault Clio
  • B Class - Dacia Sandero
  • C Class - Skoda Fabia
  • C Class - Opel Corsa
  • D Class - Fiat 500l
  • E Class - Skoda Rapid
  • C Class - Skoda Octavia
  • G Class - Skoda Kamiq
  • H Class - Skoda Karoq
  • Premium Class - Skoda Superb

As an additional equipment, we offerGPS navigation, which can be very useful if you are in Nis for the first time or in any other unknown area. In the winter period, we especially think about your safety - we provide complete winter equipment for each rented vehicle. If you are renting a car for a family trip and driving with a child - we provide an additional car seat for children. Another option available to you is the Internet. For a nominal fee, you can download a portable Wifi Hotspot from our agency that will provide you with internet in the car for the duration of the vehicle rental.

With the most modern safety and multimedia equipment, you can fully enjoy driving and experience a unique experience at the wheels of a rented car.

Rent a car Nis - prices and payment methods

Depending on the size, class, equipment of the vehicle, the car rental prices also vary. At the Putnik Niš agency, rent a car prices range from 16 to 41 euros per day. For clients who reserve a vehicle for several days, we have provided special discounts and benefits. Clients who rent a vehicle for a longer period of time - 25 days or more receive the greatest benefits.

Our agency also offers great flexibility when it comes to paying for rent a car services. Thus, you can pay for the car rental in cash, when signing the contract, or by payment to a giro account. We have also made it possible to pay for Niš rent a car services via debit or credit card, as well as via Western Union for all clients coming from abroad.

Sights of Niš and the surrounding area that are worth visiting

Rent a car vehicle will allow you to drive to all locations in the most comfortable, fastest, and most economical way and get to know Niš and its surroundings. If you have extra time and want to visit the sights of the city, we suggest several destinations.

If you are interested in the cultural and historical heritage of this region, you must visit the archaeological site of Medijana , the Cegra Monument , the Bubanj Memorial Park and the Scull Tower . Don't miss to visit the Niška fortress in the city center and take a look from its ramparts at the Niška quay and the whole city. Also visit Kazandžijsko sokače , a famous street in Niš where friendly hosts of bars with a rich catering offer await you.

Nature lovers should drive to Niška Spa , Sićevačka Gorge or Cerjan Cave . If you have time and rent a car for a few days, be sure to take advantage of the unlimited mileage option and drive to the vineyards in the Toplicka region, the romantic lavender fields near Bela Palanka or to Pirot.

Reserve the desired car on time and travel comfortably and safely with Putnik Niš - rent a car!


Whether you are leaving or arriving at the Belgrade, Sofia or Skopje airports, Putnik Niš is here for you. If you would like to be transported in a comfortable way from and to some of the above-mentioned airports, we offer you a high-quality and fast transfer.

Our vehicles are comfortable and safe, and our drivers are experienced and friendly.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, you can choose any of the summer and winter tourist destinations in the country and abroad. We carry out transportation with comfortable limousines and, if necessary, with a luxury vehicle.

Frequently asked Questions

Of course, you can book your rental car online, by phone (call, Viber or Whatsapp) or by e-mail.

Yes, it is possible to cross the border with our rent a car vehicle with our consent. You can see more about it on the "Rental conditions" page.

A deposit for renting a car in Niš is mandatory and it is possible to leave the deposit in cash.

Of course. Book your car and immediately upon landing, a person will be waiting for you to hand over the keys.

Of course. For any additional information, please contact us.

What our clients say

"Very kind and helpful staff. We needed a vehicle to go to the sea and they met us in a very short time."

Jovan Dimitrijević

"I had a great experience with this agency. I am very happy with their flexibility. The vehicles are new and clean. All recommendations."

Stefan Stojanović

"I am very satisfied with them. They always greet me politely at the airport. They have excellent vehicles and their prices are very favorable."

Ivana Đorđević


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